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Be a tycoon

Build your own company from the ground up. Find and exploit gaps on the market and compete against other players.

Free to play

Simcompanies is free to play for everyone! Gain valuable business skills for free :)

Economy simulation

An advanced, proprietary, Simulation Model is used to deliver the best gaming experience. Form cartels, influce prices! There are no limits in what you can do.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to build your own company, to be a tycoon?

Measure your skills against other players in a virtual economy? Do you want to own a production, retail or research company which pays out the best? It all depends on the current conditions in the virtual economy and how skillful you are in spotting business opportunities. Sim Companies is an extremely versatile browser game that allows you to experiment with various resources and measure your skills against other players in the game. Sim Companies is a business simulation strategy game aimed at giving you the fun and experience of managing a company using real world economic principles. The goal of the game is to create a profitable competitive business. Each player receives a starting capital and a few assets. Players day-2-day tasks consist of managing the resource supply chain, from production to selling in retail. For players to do really well, they would have to be able to read market conditions and do some trading shortcuts here and there, maybe buy their input resources on market cheaper than if they produced them, sell them on market with higher profit than in the retail. When should players invest into research? We thought about what makes the company management fun and what makes it tedious. Sim companies’ philosophy is to let you do the interesting decisions while building your own business without having you fill in tons of extra settings. We do not want to simulate a real world with all its laws and accounting quacks, but rather to give players the freedom to make decisions that actually impact their standing.

Gain business skills

People playing Sim Companies are gaining specific knowledge and improving their skills in teamwork, business operations, leadership, and business development. Learning by active involvement is an established method that guarantees long term skill retention. The game rewards players with achievement badges. Companies are rewarded for employing people, building infrastructure, making profits off market and more. This gratification reinforces positive feedback when the right decisions are taken and provide good short term goals while starting your business from the scratch. This is similar to the government incentives for small business that you would expect in the real world. Sim Companies gets its edge from an advanced economic model that simulates retail response to the supply and pricing that virtual companies provide. The players have control over quantity and price when offering goods in their stores. Retail parameters of all players are combined to simulate how fast the goods sold. Players can withdraw from selling for a period of time to temporally increase the demand which would allow them to sell at higher rates later. There's no linear path to success, the decisions are good and bad based on current market and retail conditions. There's no sure strategy of winning and even if you found the right strategy, there are always ways to improve it. More importantly if other players found your strategy; it will become less and less profitable especially if everyone starts doing it.

Free market simulation

One of the very cool things you get to experience is the live, ever-changing, free market. Can you guess if the price of certain resource goes up or down? Do you want to bet while managing risks at the same time? Maybe you can trigger certain price changes yourself. Understanding market dynamics is a very useful skill for everyone to have. Players can, and game influences them to exchange resources between themselves. Players can also specialization in certain parts of the resource chain which yields the most profit, while challenging the user to find the right business partners and negotiate the right prices. The supplier/consumer relationship is further supported by the Sim Companies concept of contracts where companies with long term relationship can exchange resources directly, saving market fees.

Sim Companies is a browser game with an amazing platform for strategic multiplayer games. Sim Companies is highly optimized to run perfectly on handheld devices, like phones or tablets. We actually designed the screens for phone versions first. This gets us an amazing user experience on small devices as well as desktops. Sim Companies runs on all iOS and Android devices in a browser.