Sim Companies

So, who is behind it?

patrik Hi, my name is Patrik Beck. I’m a web developer living in Prague, Czech Republic. I started working on this game back in late 2015. I was playing online games similar in nature, but the good ones had very outdated UX. In short, I wanted to play a business simulation game from this century! :) The project started as a hobby. By the start of 2016, I had a working concept and had purchased the domain. I slowly added more features and resources, until it became the game you see now. I got a few friends to play with me, which helped me discover a lot of early bugs and helped shape the economy. They also pointed out that the graphics could use some improvement, so I hired freelancers to help me out in areas where I lacked the necessary skills.

Why is it free?

I believe the best stuff in life is free! ;) At the beginning, there was no point in charging anything, as it was just me and my friends playing. However, when Sim Companies started landing on the first page of Google, a lot of new players started signing up. It was like a switch had flipped. This was incredibly exciting, as all the work I put into the game now had more meaning. The fact that other people were enjoying something I created filled me with joy.

However, the game is dependent on a lot of third party services that are only free when traffic is low. It soon became apparent that I could not keep Sim Companies up without introducing some form of monetization. With this said, it is my full intent to keep Sim Companies free to play for people who don't want to spend money.


I would like to thank Leslie Gilmour. If it wasn't for him, I don't think Sim Companies would ever have made it to the first page of Google. He runs an SEO consulting business and I was lucky enough to sit next to him for few months (by total coincidence). His suggestions and advice helped tremendously.

I also would like to thank to all the players who provided valuable feedback and pointed out bugs, as well as all those who just enjoy playing. You are all contributing to the lively economy that we share and enjoy.

What's next?

You have sent me a lot of ideas that I would like to make a reality. Many of these suggestions would make the game even more exciting to play. I am sure I'll get to all of them eventually!

Do you want to help?

Well, that's amazing! Please reach out if you have free time, enthusiasm, and you are good with graphics design.

Do you want to refer us from your website? Here is our presskit that you can use.

by Patrik Beck
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