Sim Companies - Change log

Upcoming updates

Company share value
Ability to cancel executives training and sales office orders
Guides updates: beginners guide, bonds guide, execs guide
German localization

Recent changes

18th of November - Contest screen UX improvements
18th of November - Exchange construction resources Next/Previous buttons fixed
18th of November - General contractor updated to 2h construction time (was 90 minutes)
18th of November - Fixed access for accounts with no email set (was broken since 15th)
18th 4pm CET - construction deploy phase 2 - new materials required for construction of new buildings and upgrades. Scraping/downsizing returns materials
15th of November - Know-it-all achievement increased to reflect the added resources
15th of November - Materials research CV value assigned (will be reflected in CV on the next rollover)
14th of November - Experimental (not finished) German localization added
14th of November - Experimental (not finished) German localization added
14th of November - Retail margin increased for higher Q products in extreme demand (retail price increase up to Q2 no matter the demand)

14th of November 4pm CET - Construction industry
Based on the poll we all voted in

Research: Materials research was added (manufactured in the chemistry lab).
The new research can be applied to increase quality of: Reinforced concrete, bricks, steel beams, planks, windows, and tools. Heat shield and carbon composite are also researched by materials research now. (was chemistry)

12th of November - FAQ updated, abundance assignment information added
7th of November - Bidding on government orders bids close to min/max bid fixed
6th of November - Fixed issue where companies incorrectly could not bid for GOs even thou they were large enough
24th of October - Achievement stars in display case fixed
21th of October - Maximum possible bonds interest reduced to 2%.
16th of October - Display primary contractor's bid - to himself/herself
16th of October - Payment processing fixed
12th of October - Resource and building images in the chat are now clickable, pointing to encyclopedia.
8th of October - Resource and building images in the chat are now clickable, pointing to encyclopedia.
7th of October - Company name and logo in the resource history linked to the public profile
6th of October - 2 year veteran certificates added
6th of October - Same market orders merging (reduce market spamming)
4th of October - Performance improvements
3rd of October - Confirmation modal when rejecting a sales order
3rd of October - Aero electronics, E factory, propulsion factory, aero factory, and sales office image downsized a bit
2nd of October - Polls implemented
1st of October - Added a button to the next idle building
1st of October - Fixed useless horizontal scroll on mobile map screen
30th of September - Accounting fees in the cashflow statement moved under the "Fees" category
30th of September - Scroll to the top when accessing exchange
27th of September - Fix Sales Office, upgrade/downgrade/scrap no longer possible while it's busy.
26th of September - Error handling screen (instead of the white screen of death)
26th of September - Fixed exchange issues with bonds and GOs
26th of September - Production/sales bonus moving UX changed to be usable on phones: account settings
25th of September - email prompt UX improved
25th of September - Android app released ( give it 5 stars! ): Google Play Store
23rd of September - Fixed degrade mines job stability
23rd of September - Fixed an bug where a looking for/pending offer, was automatically extended and accepted if the exec was fired
23rd of September - Fixed error message after failing construction rush
23rd of September - Adjusted the PA poach notification copy
23rd of September - Added error mesasge if the name is not filled out in the payment flow
23rd of September - Added timeout on chat message send
20th of September - Fixed private message auto-refresh
13th of September - New PA messages/quests!
12th of September - API guide published
11th of September - Blacklist disposable email domains when registering
11th of September - Contest screen instant page load
11th of September - Payment flows updated to use SCA 3D secure 2.0 protection
10th of September - Chat refresh fixed
9th of September - Sales boosts percentage display fixed
9th of September - Sales sped bonus in the Sales Office line removed
9th of September - Income Statement deployed for everyone
9th of September - Contest donations reflected on the Income Statement
5th of September - Change email functionality in the settings page fixed
4th of September - connection stability improvements

2nd of September - Aerospace retail update

All items payout price increased by ~ $1.2k (accounted for assumed 15% orders being ditched)

Sales office wages are impacted by COO (were not before)

Sales office wages, after administration, are impacted by the sales bonus. 20% sales bonus is 20% less wages cost. Effective immediately

No price sales speed bonus on orders that are searched for after UTC midnight 2nd/3rd

In summary, AS retailer with 40% admin and 10% sales bonus: gets ~ $8.5k less per item, 40% admin and 20% sales bonus: gets ~ $16k less per item

2nd of September - Chat message sending improvement - you can type the next message while the previous one is being sent
2nd of September - Gov orders handling on the income statement
1st of September - Fixed top menu on the research screen
30th of August - Checkout rewrite - loadspeed improved, no refresh after purchase
30th of August - Fixed GO fulfillment deadline display
30th of August - Fixed typos in launch failure messages
28th of August - Executives names generator fixes - firstname/lastname swap corrected for some asian names
28th of August - Chat reliability fixes - reload messages after idle time
26th of August - Government orders deposits reflected in the company value
26th of August - Income statement - fixed steel construction cost
26th of August - Income statement - fixed COGs accounting of goods in stores on rollover
26th of August - Income statement added (BETA - supporter only)
23th of August - Fixed contract resend from Outflow summary on the contracts screen
23th of August - You can buy bonds on the same interest rate borrowed at
23th of August - Rocket launches research payouts decreased: 400 / 2,800
22th of August - Market fees split into separate entries in the cashflow
22th of August - Fat finger checks (contract limits) for AS products fixed

22th of August - AS retail payouts adjustments - (low demand having higher impact on the price, overall margins reduced)

Sales office payouts reduced by ~ $25k for each product

20th of August - New bug report screen
20th of August - Fulfilling Sales Office orders gives exp
19th of August - Image support in chats (MODs only) and image support in the articles
16th of August - Fixed estimated unit cost when producing - was off in rare cases when input resources were varying in quality
16th of August - Fixed incorrect wages display on the left side in the building detail (COO impact was not taken into account)
16th of August - AS contracts generation tweaks: Quantity of SEPs increased, lowered price for products in low demand
16th of August - Switch around the looking for customers contract with the actual contracts in the Sales Office
15th of August - FPA detection algos improved
15th of August - Newspaper - 2 more articles added to the rotation: Gold mining update and Oil/Methane drilling update
14th of August - Poaching improvements - Poacher can decide the salary, current employer will know the offer salary, early retirement salary increase, list of all hostile offers in the HQ, salary needed for early retirement doubled
9th of August - No redirects when answering to PA
7th of August - ability to hide conversations
7th of August - Added progress bar to the sales office if orders are being searched for
6th August - Wages added to the accounting table in the Sales Office (UX change only - no change in gameplay)
6th August - adjusted aerospace sales office prices to be inline with fuselage changes done on the 2nd
5th August - Demand increased slightly for food, fashion, electronics and cars
5th August - AS retail adjustments, more balance
4th August - Sidewalks and road crossings
2nd August - Sub orbital rocket image changed

2nd August - Aerospace fuselage tweaks

Carbon fibers and carbon composites manufacturing speed increase. Jumbo fuselage requirements reduced.

Carbon fibers and carbon composite sourcing cost reduction

Wages increase in many aerospace buildings and manufacturing speed reductions

BFR sourcing cost reduction ~ $20k

Suborbital rocket sourcing cost reduction ~ $4k

Luxury jet sourcing cost reduction ~ $3k

Jumbo jet sourcing cost reduction ~ $87k

Single engine place sourcing cost reduction ~ $6k

Satellite sourcing cost increase ~ $6k

1st August - New images for research labs
1st August - Ability to check/uncheck all filters in the transaction history HQ
31st July - PA message added - 2nd attempt at festival after lvl 23
31st July - Fixed few more places still showing old aerospace research payouts.
31st July - Fixed company value computation isseus
30th July - Include resources not traded on the exchange (aerospace) in the CV on rollover
30th July - No longer showing incorrect unit cost if input resources are missing on the production screen
30th July - CMO skill correctly reflected in the sales offices
30th July - Retail and sales building update reflecting the changes made to gold and other AS related buildings on 28th. Launchpad research yield updated as well to preserve ~ $400/unit aerospace research cost
28th July - Gold mining speed increased and aerospace rebalanced to preserve high sourcing cost of end-products

Gold mining speed -> radical increase, power requirements increased, goldbar processing slowed down a bit, estimating golded bar price ~ $5k (was $20k)

High grade e-comps -> needed only 0.0625 gold bar (was 0.25), chemicals and silicon requirements increased, estimating sourcing cost ~ $850 (was ~ $5k)

Aerospace products input amounts were increased to preserve the higher price, check encyclopedia for changes

Aerospace building costs and wages increased

Combustion and electric motor production speed increased

BFR -> sourcing cost ~ 30% lower

Sub orbital rocket -> sourcing cost ~ 60% lower

Jumbo jet -> sourcing cost similar

Luxury jet -> sourcing cost ~ 60% lower

Single engine plane -> sourcing cost similar

Satellite -> sourcing cost ~ 60% lower

26th July - Fixed company names history (previous names)
26th July - Know-it-all achievement updated, gives higher rewards
26th July - The impact of sales speed bonus in the Sales offices adjusted
25th July - Aerospace industry added, details
25th July - Link in FAQ that busts caches
23rd July - Account settings screen page load speedup
18th July - 2 new PA messages
11th July - Fixed game auto-update for safari devices
10th July - Fixed exec training cost covering when poaching
8th July - Do not populate empty notes on the notes screen
4th July - Bond default rates added to the bonds article
3rd July - Partial bond calling
3rd July - Ability to instruct hiring agencies to exclude candidates, where training has to be paid for
3rd July - Fashion industry update - more expensive fashion store and higher margins (companies with existing stores gained building value)
3nd July - Update exchange data more often to ensure they are fresh
2nd July - Page with notes added
1st July - Fix frequent issues with average retail price being off
1st July - Poaching changes - you are always notified of an offer, the poacher details are never given, you have 24 hours to react
29th June - Poaching offer processing fix
26th June - Unit cost added to production screen
25th June - Headhunting agencies, executive guide updated
25th June - Balance sheet added (for everyone)
20th June - Fix chat popups when resoruce icon is present
20th June - FAQ copy fixes
20th June - Mark expired GOs
20th June - Fix resources tight up in the stores not contributing to the company value.
20th June - Balance sheet added to head quarters
19th June - Know-it-all fixed to require all resources (59, was 55)
19th June - Tweaks to the resource value attribution on rollover - appreciate running production orders more precisely
10th June - National reserves upping it's game again, releasing more water thru the exchange, 500,000 units orders.
8th June - National reserves releasing more water thru the exchange
7th June - Petrol/diesel ethanol blending
6th June - Caching improvement in case of economy cycle change - show fresh data in production, retail and encyclopedia
6th June - Warehouse - Contracts flow incoming/outgoing fix for case of over 500 contracts
5th June - Sugarcane, ethanol and beverage factory added - ethanol will be needed to produce petrol and diesel on 7th 2pm CET
3rd June - Chat - tooltips added to both resource and building icons
3rd June - Encyclopedia - update production and sales bonus default to reflect recreational buildings
3rd June - Production amount input - when using time hints, round down for complete input resource consumption
3rd June - Gold watch and necklace added
30th May - Recreational buildings
30th May - Government orders require just 2 bidders to be awarded (was 4)
28th May - Fixed links to other companies in emails
28th May - Encyclopedia / ranking - fix time display for Firefox
28th May - Executives - fix salary display in the board room (was showing $0 if candidate was being searched for)
28th May - Government orders - display value of own bids after the bidding closes
24th May - Fixed crash when low level loads the exchange executives
24th May - Confirmation modal added - when buying newspaper ads
24th May - Link to PA from the executives screen added
24th May - Display contacts with unread messages on top
24th May - Optimize contract sign code
22th May - Company profile page mobile fixes
22th May - Government orders increased to 3 a week
22th May - Navigating up and down the rating from the company profile page
22th May - Group same contracts in the resource detail screen
22th May - Teacher dashboard improvements
22th May - Flash messages moved to the left; Flash messages auto clear after 3 seconds
21th May - Fixed contest winner on homepage; Fixed contest screen order on ties; Display fulfillment countdown
21th May - Fixed exchange executives listing
20th May - New article about suggesting features added.
20th May - Government orders - other bidders sorted by bid value
19th May - Fixed executives salary indicator (exclude candidates, include staff)
17th May - Government orders - minimal bid requirement added; guide updated
14th May - Fix items ordering in the warehouse detail. Always show lowest Quality first.
13th May - Government orders deployed
13th May - Bureaucrat achievement added
13th May - Ranking pagination increased to 100 (fetch more companies at once)
13th May - Finalized the government orders guide
6th May - Speedup executives loading on the exchange
6th May - Latest rollover numbers displayed under the HQ finance chart
6th May - Chat notifications moved to the left - so they do not cover the building action buttons
6th May - Company value estimation fixes - correctly count resources tight up in production/retail (no negative resource value)
4th May - Trainings an executive receives before being fired do not have to be covered if poached later.
4th May - Future development article updated.
3rd May - Guide for moderators published.
3rd May - Executives changes - Execs will give 3 day notice before retiring
3rd May - Executives changes - 6 weeks (was 2) worth of training are covered when poached
3rd May - Executives changes - Previous employers are notified about their former employee being available again
3rd May - Executives changes - Executives fired after short time have much lower salary expectations when applying for new job on the job market.
3rd May - Update exchange data after posting new order. Visualize own market order in warehouse
2nd May - Market ticks updates - smaller ticks at some levels
2nd May - Fix displayed experience for unemployed execs
1st May - Updates to reference price computation and company value computation. Inactive or slow traded resources not counted to company value - as they are not liquid.
1st May - Delete recent chat messages of company that has been banned
1st May - Sim Boosts sales bonus now giving extra sim boosts
1st May - Fixed warehouse crashing when selling the lowest Q on the market
1st May - Fixed error messages when changing company name
1st May - Market ticks - orders posted to the market needs to be rounded to the nearest tick (price increment)
30th April - Warehouse - fix resource transactions loading
30th April - Fixing reference prices computation stability
30th April - Duplicate detection algorithm improvements
30th April - King Midas certificate added
29th April - Warehouse loading fixes
26th April - Fixed warehouse CSV formatting to make MS excel accept it
26th April - Fixed warehouse white screen issue after sending a contract
26th April - Patched rush construction simboosts exploit
25th April - Production cancel now recovers only 50% of the unpaid wages
25th April - Warehouse stats screen improvements
25th April - Add company name to resource movement history
24th April - Warehouse synchronisation improvements
23rd April - Warehouse stability fixes
22nd April - fix 12am and 12pm quantity input in production
22th April - Rounding updates (round down)
22th April - New warehouse rollout to everyone!! Fast switching to and from the warehouse
21st April - New warehouse - up to 14 recent contracts shown
21th April - New Warehouse - recent contracts pin moved to the left, Contract sign reflected in the inflow summary right away, outflow summary does not collapse after resent, contracts do not switch order on sign/cancel
21th April - Armor Games supporter purchase fixed
18th April - Companies you are ignoring cannot send contracts to you
18th April - New warehouse - Ability to pin common contracts for easier resend
18th April - New warehouse - add unit cost to Statistics overview
18th April - New warehouse - contract screen rewrite: group same contracts, easier resend, add unsigned to the summary table, summary table visual fixes, contract ordering, color code buttons
15th April - PayPal payments integration
15th April - Supporter package available for Armor Games players
12th April - List of supporters added to encyclopedia
12th April - Ability to hide quantity of items in the display case
12th April - New warehouse - Use building images in the resource movements table for production, retail. Use icons for research, construction, transport
12th April - New warehouse - Correctly record resource movements for transport and steel on market cancel and construction events
11th April - Prospector achievement now resets on account reset
11th April - New warehouse - Add sourcing cost per Q level
10th April - New warehouse - Fix xmas-crackers load
10th April - New warehouse - grouping same items together in stats; grand total added
9th April - New warehouse UX available for supporters
8th April - Production amount entry now takes "am", "pm", "hr", and "m". For example: "3pm"
5th April - Market ticker shows real-time data
5th April - Bottom padding fixes
4th April - Fix notification message hiding on click
4th April - 4 more slots for Display case
4th April - Contacts load speed improved
2nd April - Building icons added for chat
1st April - Scientist achievements added
26th March - Performance optimization
26th March - Gold ore and Golden bars added
26th March - Scroll to the bottom when new chat tab is selected
26th March - Collapse mobile menu when company/resource/building is selected in the search
26th March - Building busy "recharge", when goods or money is available for early pickup, extended.
26th March - Ratelimiting added to market endpoints and company detail endpoint
21th March - Executives training links spread a bit, total number of trainings displayed.
20th March - Executive skills display moved above training
20th March - Supporter package added
19th March - Sim boost packages changed
19th March - Copy improvements
14th March - Architect achievement fixed - rewards lowered, building upgrade has to finish
13th March - Encyclopedia sales calculator - sales bonus impact - fix
12th March - Info about achievement rewards on other levels added
12th March - Bond guarantees lowered, rating rules changed
11th March - Add info about interest earned so far when bond is liquidated.
11th March - Recovered worker wages on production cancel reflected in the 7 day summary
11th March - Economy cycles: (depression, "normal", boom) changing automatically
8th March - Faster newspaper loading
7th March - Over-achiever achievement added
7th March - Fixed negative progress bar for executives on strike
6th March - Fixed disappearing amount when entering production and retail quantity
5th March - (Secret feature added - relates to production quality)
5th March - List of written articles added to public profile
4th March - Executives go on strike when not paid
4th March - Fix time indicators in chat (do not show future time)
3rd March - Future development article updates
3rd March - Fix user menu closing when top menu is clicked
2nd March - Fix domain name for AG checkout
2nd March - Fix T&C and privacy policy link on the registration page
1st March - Fix registration flow for AG
27th February - Add research info to encyclopedia
26th February - Achievements can be put into the display case
25th February - PA message about research sent when company reaches level 10
24th February - Fix missing bonus section in account settings to change production/sales bonuses
23th February - Display case for certificates
23th February - New achievements screen
22th February - Emojiiiiis!!!!
21th February - Allow unpublished newspaper ad updates even if company name was changed
21th February - Update map / contracts when revisiting the page
20th February - Chat stability improvement
18th February - Fix chat icons for On-board computers and e-cars
14th February - Fix issue with flash messages getting stuck, Personal Assistant fixed
12th February - Fixed upcoming contest resource information leak
10th February - Sim Boosts exchange reset functionality fixed
10th February - XSS security vulnerability fixed
7th February - Exchange auto-scroll scroll
6th February - Private notes about other companies added
6th February - Market selection highlight
6th February - Max button added when issuing bonds
4th February - Adjustments around executives poaching: Sign up bonus is paid rightway (1 day worth of salary). Unreasonably high offers are rejected by the executives, they are not considered being serious.
4th February - Make sellers and buyers in the Balance sheet clickable
4th February - Fix user menu for 2k monitors
4th February - Incorrect sale indicator fixed
4th February - Information about hoarders added to the future retail articles
3rd February - Display achievements and simboosts in the balance sheet summary
3rd February - HQ/Bonds screen - fixed up/down arrows
3rd February - Patched exploit, when users could scrap below bond liabilities
2nd February - Logo changing fixed
2nd February - Prospector achievement updated to consider just mines and rigs
1st February - Added "until" information to the acceleration tag
1st February - Added info about wages to the building view
1st February - Added info about wages to the building view
1st February - Fixed balance transaction details view in HQ
1st February - Major performance upgrade
28th January - Fix UX showing less money when executing against own market orders
28th January - Q6 and Q7 added
27th January - Fix contract transport units recovery when receiver cancels
25th January - Fixed retiring age, only execs 50+ will retire
24th January - Fixed building downgrading when bond liabilities present
23th January - Economy boom phase implemented
22th January - Confirmation before executives move position added.
22th January - Ability to name buildings
22th January - Encyclopedia calculators admin overhead and sales bonus defaults to numbers taking executives into account
21th January - Tutorial improvements
15th January - Certificate for one year of gameplay added
15th January - Bond interest 0.01 difference allowed, rating code displayed for owned bonds
11th January - Fix incorrect retail estimates when selling in 2nd store in close succession
11th January - Take CMO and COO into account when estimating retail profit on the exchange
11th January - Scientist 6 achievement added
10th January - Search bar optimized for faster loading
10th January - Administration cost & executive bonus reflected in the production estimates
9th January - Tutorial redesign
9th January - Instant switching between buildings and map
9th January - Instant switching between headquarters and map
9th January - Production / retail information available on busy building
5th January - Limit executive salary raising. Executives will leave if there's not enough cash to pay them.
4th January - Higher Q goods take priority when executing market orders. (price, quality, time of entry)
3rd January - Best market buyer/seller statistics now excludes self-trades
2nd January - Executives retiring added
2nd January - Last seen info added to the company detail
23th December - Architect achievement lvl4 updated
20th December - Executives gray hair fixed
18th December - Disappearing construction slot fixed
16th December - Achievement added, Prospector
16th December - Achievement added, Architect
16th December - Executives severance package reduced to 3 days worth of pay (used to be 5)
15th December - Executives salary deduction fix
11th December - Ability to raise executive salary
11th December - Executives impact table updated (no change in exec's bonus logic)
11th December - Other company view adjustments
11th December - Data synchronisation improvements
6th December - New company account screen
5th December - Fixes to chatroom unread indicator
4th December - Show per unit market fee when posting an order
4th December - Table support for free column articles
3rd December - Add retail info the the exchange
2nd December - Newspaper list scrolling added
30th November - A surprise for tomorrow added ;)
29th November - Add more info when building a new building.
29th November - Showing number of trainings in last 2 weeks when viewing details of an executive
29th November - Fixed scroll to top when going back to map
28th November - large continue as button added to homepage
28th November - Your company highlighted on the homepage
28th November - Achievements displaying on the map screen again
28th November - Sales bonus display in the boardroom fixed; default sales bonus in the sales calculator fixed
25th November - Dup detection algos improvements
23th November - Changes to homepage. Offline use greatly improved
22th November - Offline use features added
20th November - Fast switching between more pages implemented
19th November - Landscape screen load speed optimization
12th November - Map/landscape UX improvements
12th November - All products at quality achievement
12th November - Unsold items and items in production are accounted for during the rollover
12th November - FPA processes improved.
8th November - CSV export of account balance added
7th November - Collapsing executives work history for better readability
5th November - Market buyer/seller achievements reduced
5th November - Changed the way skills are rounded down, executives contribution to other positions is increased.
5th November - Executives related copy updates (Training does not block poaching. This was previously intended but never implemented)
4th November - Executives poaching
4th November - Executives market added
3rd November - Page titles added
3rd November - Exchange screen rewrite - optimization
31st October - Staff executives visible on the account screen. Executives starting salaries reduced.
27th October - New resource: Seeds added. Needed for all plantation products.
27th October - Retail re-balance. Food/fashion/energy got higher margins. Electronics and cars got smaller margins.
25th October - Chairman achievement
25th October - Executives training time increased to 27 hours
25th October - Rollover stability fixes
25th October - Patents included in company value
23th October - Executives phase 1
21th October - Executives phase 1 (beta testing - moderators only)
9th October - Stability and performance improvements
3rd October - Accounting fees starting at $3M (moved up by $1M)
3rd October - Contest indicators added to charts in the newspapers
3rd October - Show market seller(s) in the balance sheet
25nd September - Fast switching between Chat/Newspapers/Encyclopedia
24nd September - Warehouse sourcing cost total added
23nd September - Full ranking list added to encyclopedia
22nd September - Encyclopedia improvements: Sales calculator, Production Calculator, faster page loads
19th September - On board computer icon in chat fixed.
18th September - Fixed front end production time computation for buildings with abundance.
18th September - PA notifies if outgoing contract is cancelled/refused.
18th September - Statistics for incoming/outgoing contracts
17th September - Contest rules update - points given out for contribution since the last checkpoint
14th September - Patched exploit with canceling production with speedup; too small market orders or contracts blocked
14th September - Search bar fixes; ability to hide pinned chat entries
12th September - Chat stability improvements
12th September - Certificates graphics update
10th September - Future dev article update
10th September - Fixed chat scrolling for Firefox (user can see old messages)
6th September - Chat stability improved
31th August - Players can now disable chat popups in the account settings.
31th August - Newspapers link added to the menu. Future development article update with government contracts.
30th August - Newspapers added to the game: here
30th August - Decimal numbers increased on bonds and contracts. Show company value on the account page from the last rollover.
29nd August - Bonds update (variable restructuring). With the goal of increasing yield of low investment grade bonds. The Sim Companies government decided to reduce the percentage investor gets back on default. This change has no impact on bonds already purchased. In general, the AAA bonds are still covered at 75%, but each rating level down, the coverage decreases by 2%. The C rated bonds are covered at 41%. Coverage is based on the seller rating at the time of bond purchase (not the time of default). In addition to this, the max single company investment limit of 3% is being raised to 5%. Read more in the bonds guide.
27nd August - backend framework version upgrade
22nd August - flash messages fix - Flash messages (or notifications) to have better visibility.
22nd August - Social chatroom added - New chatroom added to separate game related topics to those of more of a social nature.
17th August - Retail update - Increase (double) the impact of the quality on the selling speed. Products in with higher quality are selling faster than before.
14th August - Menu redesign - performance improvements, usability improvements
31th July - Market demand info re-classification, same math and pricing but "normal", "extreme", "low" brackets were spread a bit.
26th July - Recent contracts section in warehouse now going back 7 days (was 5)
26th July - fixed issue with production where sub-quality product was sometimes produced if low Q input materials were in the warehouse
26th July - new Electronics factory image
25th July - Production and cost in the encyclopedia fixed to take production speed modifier into account
25th July - Production per hour indicator in the building detail screen fixed
25th July - Change log added

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