Sim Companies - Future development

Future development

Community ideas are very important. This document is intended to give some structure to those ideas and provide a basis for discussion. As the idea matures, it moves closer to implementation. Seeing your own suggestions become game features is rewarding.

Feel free to provide any feedback on these or other ideas in Game chatroom or directly PM Patrik. (Understand that Patrik has limited time to read PMs, so the first option is preferred.) Also, if you present your suggestion in this form, it will have much larger chance of standing out of the "crowd".

Recreational buildings

Put your free construction slots to use and make your town look nicer. Build parks that will increase both productivity and sales.

The recreational buildings will have maximum level of 3, which adds 3% bonus to both production and sales speeds. The upkeep of these buildings will cost 40 simboosts a week.

Current Priorities (coming soonest)

New Industries - aerospace, rockets, ships

New Industry

Nothing sparks a better Game room conversation more than discussing ideas for new industries. They are legion. However, only so many great ideas can be implemented. Here are the criteria for what a new industry must bring to the game:

Dependent Industries - Any new industry will require most if not all of the others as precursors to its final products.

Diversity - The new industry must have multiple obvious goods with varying supply needs.

Ease of Implementation - Creating entirely new buildings and graphics for goods is challenging.


End products: Large airplane, Single-engine airplane, Private jet, Small rocket, Large rocket, Satellite, Drone. Most of the output would be sold using GOs - very limited retail


End products: Luxury yacht, Speed boat, Tanker, House boat, ... Most of the output would be sold using GOs - very limited retail


This will be a change to our current system, where buildings need cash to be built. The idea is that you would buy materials, similarly to steel right now. We would also have a retail building: Hardware store, where some of the builidng materials could be retailed

Lumber, cement, stone, bricks, wood planks, ...

Food expansion

The idea is to have complex end products (complexity level comparable to cars), with margins similar to cars. All retailable.

End products: Diary products, bread, cakes, coffee, chocolate, sweets, ... and a lot more.

There may be no retail for the new industries and end-products woul dbe used just for the gov. contracts which are prerequisite.

Buildings auctions

Do you have a building you don't want? Do you need an already leveled up building for cheaper and have it quickly?

There will be an auction house for buildings, anybody can post building on the auction and other players can bid. You need to have a free slot and deposit money when bidding. The auction will take 3 days and bids will be secret (blind auction). The game will ensure minimal and maximal bid. If more people bid at maximum, one of them will be selected at random.

Minimal bid will be the scrap cost, maximal bid will be the construction cost. The auction house will take 30% fee - payable by bidder.


Cartels would be similar to clans in other games. It would allow companies to form groups. And work more cooperatively.

Cartels would receive their own chatroom. And could also purchase bonuses impacting everyone in the cartel. Bonuses like: Factory production speed increase, Plantaton production speed increase, Mine abundance increase, Store selling speed increase.

By the nature of bonuses, and in order for all companies to benefit from them, it would make sense for companies with the same business model to form the cartel. Companies can benefit from passing contacts for supplier, retailers and even form pricing policies.


Marketing would be a complementary feature to research (research for retailers!), allowing a company to improve sales performance.

A new building - a TV or Radio Station perhaps - would create ads that can be traded with and "applied" to advertise a specific product. The product recognition would go up as a result. The product recognition would be a percentage between 0 and 100. The higher the product recognition, the higher the speed of selling.

Recognition would adjust based on how much was spent on advertising the previous day by you, but, also, by other companies. The idea is that if 4 companies advertise their apples, each of them would be at around 25% recognition the next day.

The highest return is if and when you advertise a product that nobody else advertised.

Obviously, the higher product recognition would mean faster selling in retail, and would have no bearing on market selling or contracts.

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by Patrik Beck
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