Sim Companies - Future development

Future development

Community ideas are very important. This document is intended to give some structure to those ideas and provide a basis for discussion. As the idea matures, it moves closer to implementation. Seeing your own suggestions become game features is rewarding.

Feel free to provide any feedback on these or other ideas in Game chatroom or directly PM Patrik. (Understand that Patrik has limited time to read PMs, so the first option is preferred.)

Current Priorities (coming soonest)


Government Contacts

New Industry

Government Contracts

The SimCompanies government provides a stable environment for businesses like yours to grow. But it also needs contractors to provide goods from time to time. For example, imagine a police department needing to source a new fleet of luxury cars, or an emergency organization requiring large food stockpiles.

The bidding would take a few days, in which time companies can speculate on the market, trying to get into a good position pending the contract start. The contract would be awarded to the lowest bidder who would then have a specified period of time to fill the contract.

To add risk to the bidding process, a deposit must be paid at the time of the bid equal to a percentage of the total contract. Deposits will be returned to companies not awarded the bid once the bidding period expires. The winning bidder's deposit is held until completion of the contract or forfeited.

The reward would be paid back upon successful fulfillment. A single company may not be able to fulfill the entire contract on time, and, therefore, would need to have sub-contractors. The contract need not be filled in one order; goods can be delivered as they are acquired, so as to avoid warehouse overfilling. (Similar to contest mechanics)

New Industry

Nothing sparks a better Game room conversation more than discussing ideas for new industries. They are legion. However, only so many great ideas can be implemented. Here are the criteria for what a new industry must bring to the game:

Dependent Industries - Any new industry will require most if not all of the others as precursors to its final products.

Diversity - The new industry must have multiple obvious goods with varying supply needs.

Ease of Implementation - Creating entirely new buildings and graphics for goods is challenging. Being able to use something that is simple will prevail.

Some industries under consideration:
- Aerospace (planes, rockets, etc)
- Shipping (transports, yachts, etc)
- Construction (lumber, concrete, etc)

There may be no retail for the new industries and end-products woul dbe used just for the gov. contracts which are prerequisite.

SimCompanies Council

The idea is that there would be elections every week in Sim Companies. Every company can vote with its wallet and pick a candidate (NPC) they want to support.

For simplicity, there would always be just 2 candidates.

The candidate that raises more money for their campaign wins, and all companies that backed the winner would receive production/sales bonus until the next election (week). Companies backing the wrong candidate would receive negative bonus for production/sales. You can think of this as the candidates passing legislation that helps or hurts businesses of his/her supporters/opponents.

Money raised would become public only after the election, and the information that a company backed a candidate would become public as well. This is called 'disclosure' in the real world.

Unlike in real life, the character, speeches, and policies the candidates present during the elections would be irrelevant. (ehm. I hope that's relevant in the real life.)

Every company can, of course, choose to stay neutral by not backing anyone.


Marketing would be a complementary feature to research, allowing a company to improve sales performance.

A new building - a TV or Radio Station perhaps - would create ads that can be traded with and "applied" to advertise a specific product. The product recognition would go up as a result. The product recognition would be a percentage between 0 and 100.

Recognition would adjust based on how much was spent on advertising the previous day by you, but, also, by other companies. The idea is that if 4 companies advertise their apples, each of them would be at around 25% recognition the next day.

The highest return is if and when you advertise a product that nobody else advertised.

Obviously, the higher product recognition would mean faster selling in retail, and would have no bearing on market selling or contracts. That advertising you have to work for!

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by Patrik Beck
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