Sim Companies - Buildings landscape October 2017


This article will shed some light on what buildings are other players building and how are are the players split between different industry areas. The data presented cover active players at this particular moment. Building levels are taken into account.

Industry allocation

Industry allocation

The chart shows how different industries are represented by buildings

The raw materials category entails: Water reservoirs, Mines and Shipping depots. Energy category covers Power plants, Oil wells and refineries. It's not surprising to see the retail is almost half of the buildings, everything that's manufactured has to be sold, right? Are you selling at the highest per unit price possible? You probably shouldn't.


Let's have a closer look at the retail. This can give us a nice view of which resources are sold, and therefore manufactured, the most. The allocation reflects throught which industry are money pured back into the economy. The food seem to still dominate the market.

Retails allocation

The chart shows how different retail buildings are represented

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by Patrik Beck
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