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In SimCompanies, the pipeline, or supply chain, is limited to a few industries: Food, Energy, Clothing, Electronics, and Automotive. All of these industries build on each other to create larger and more complicated supply chains. Filling the pipeline for your supply chain, or being part of another player's is key to success.

What is a 'Pipeline'

A pipeline is a phase of progress toward a long-term goal that typically is associated with some uncertainty or risk. It can also refer to an entity that primarily serves as a conduit.

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Fundamental Goods

Everything in SimCompanies starts with Power, just like to our own modern economy. Water is, also, a fundamental good. Everything else in the game is derived, in some way, from these two products.

Commodity Goods

Produced from mines, rigs, reservoirs, and farms (cotton and leather only), such goods go on to produce one or more low-level production goods.

Low-Level Production Goods

The first grade of production includes the initial products of the factory (excluding steel and glass), as well as fabric from the clothes factory, and plastic from the refinery.

Mid-Level Productions Goods

At the second grade of production are the goods that require multiple inputs (typically), but are not immediately ready for retail.

End Products

End products are anything that can be sold in a retail store.

Understanding where you, as a player, fit within the pipeline, and how you manage your own, is important to the direction you choose to build in. It is very difficult to build all of the elements of a pipeline, especially as those industries become more complicated.

Some portions of the pipeline are more expensive, take more time, or have more labor costs. As you level up, all of your labor costs will increase, so deciding where your workers' time is best spent has a say when you seek to produce, contract, market, or retail your goods.

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