Sim Companies economy model

What it is?

Sim Companies economy engine models buying behavior of the "general public". Selling properties of products and goods (such as apples, sausages, etc.) salable in retail buildings are guided by this model. The economy engine's goal is to simulate behavior that you would expect in the real world. Understanding the buying behavior of the "general public" allows players to develop strategies that maximize their profit. This can be simplified by answering the question, how quickly can I sell goods given my price and current market demand.

Selling time

Sim Companies uses a polynomial function to simulate an increase in selling time with increase in selling price. This article will look at the actual values the model uses for apples for demonstration. The first chart describes the relationship between selling time in seconds and retail price for both normal demand (red) and extreme demand (blue).

Economy model relationship between price and sell time

Note: The current market demand can be seen in the encyclopedia or in the building that sells the product.

Building salaries

Reviewing the data, it might look as if the easiest way to maximize your profit is to sell at higher price. However, employees in your retail shop (grocery store, gas station, etc.) are being paid while the store is selling. So, the longer it takes for you to sell the product the more you spend on wages. Next chart adds the grocery store wages into the equation. The maximum profit retail price for an apple is $6.

Economy model profit per item

Maximum resource utilization

Another way of looking at the data is to check how to maximize profit per unit time, instead of product. As players have limited number of retail buildings available, these need to be used efficiently. We can also plug in the base cost of one unit of apple, since it has to be produced and cheap. The last chart assumes normal market saturation and production cost of an apple of $2.4 and displays the building's profit per hour.

Economy model building utilization

by Patrik Beck
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