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Monkey, the CEO of Simia, has summarized his experience with Sim Companies.

I thought I would put my experiences and advice in a post in order to help those that it might.

  • Achievements - Do a little of everything early on (access achievements here)
  • Personal Assistant - Take all the deals, watch out later on for gotchas
  • Retail - A guaranteed way to make money
  • Market - Requires a sharp eye to look for deals and opportunities
  • Contracts - The most efficient way to progress in the game
  • Boosts - Reserve them initially until you know what you are doing
  • Bonuses - Figure out early on if you are a producer or seller; every 5 levels you get a 1% bonus to one or the other

Levels 1-5

  • Use what you are given to produce and sell what you can at profit
  • Make as many of the achievements as you can to build up 'outside investment'
  • A farm supplements your plantation and grocery store
  • Look to buy commodity items (ie, grain and water) from the market or on contract

Levels 6-10

  • Build up to Level 2 buildings to fill the construction sites you are given
  • More buildings is better than the leveling up existing buildings, initially
  • Create a substantial stockpile in your warehouse of the things you can sell
  • Save money

Levels 11-15

  • Optimize your profit centers by upgrading the buildings to sell faster
  • Scrap level 2 or below buildings for the full cash refund; use that to retool to more profitable industries
  • Build relationships with suppliers or those that will take your goods on contract
  • Avoid the temptation to spend too much on what you don't need (ie, research)
  • Continue to look at achievements for bonus cash flow

Level 16+

  • Obtaining research and/or quality goods is crucial to optimizing profit - checkout research guide
  • Consistent suppliers/buyers are essential to more complicated supply chains (ie, electronics and automotive)
  • Know the markets!

CEO "Simia"

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by Monkey
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