Sim Companies - Time table

A list of periodic processes happening in the game

Sim Companies strives to be a multinational, whole world game, which is why the game clock runs on UTC time that does not follow daylight saving changes. Note, that daylight saving changes are different in Europe, Asia and United States. So having the game clock follow daylight saving time of one of these countries would interfere with the time of the others.

Any time displayed on the game screen that does not have a timezone specified is simply displaying the time in your local timezone. Timezone setting is pulled from your browser/operating system and time is adjusted to match the timezone you are most accustomed to. This creates an impression that game clock runs in your current timezone.

The easiest way to convert timezones is to open google search bar and type in "16:00 UTC in EST"

23:30 UTC
<[main.nextUtcTime(23,0)|date:'mediumTime']> local time

Retail update - the parameters of products sold in the last 24 hours are consolidated and the average retail price and demand is updated for each product.

00:00 UTC
<[main.nextUtcTime(0,0)|date:'mediumTime']> local time

Reference prices - Based on market's trading activity in the last 24 hours, a new reference price is assigned to each product. The reference price is used to estimate players' inventory value and to enforce trading price limits. It's also used to detect favourable trades happening over contracts.

Abundance update - The abundance of all mines and oil rigs in the game is reduced by a certain percentage.

Bond payments - Bond interest payments are deducted/credited

00:30 UTC
<[main.nextUtcTime(0,30)|date:'mediumTime']> local time

Daily achievements reset - Logged in today, produced or sold today are reset.

Reset simboosts/money exchange - The limit for changing sim boosts to money is reset to $10k.

01:00 UTC
<[main.nextUtcTime(1,0)|date:'mediumTime']> local time

Company value, rollover - The company values, balance sheets and Income statements are computed. Rankings and ratings are updated. If this is a Sunday night, or the last night of a month, new certificates are distributed.

02:00 UTC
<[main.nextUtcTime(2,0)|date:'mediumTime']> local time

Accounting overhead - The accounting overhead is deducted, see FAQ for details.

03:00 UTC
<[main.nextUtcTime(3,0)|date:'mediumTime']> local time

Executive salaries - Executive salaries are deducted.

08:00 UTC
<[main.nextUtcTime(8,0)|date:'mediumTime']> local time

Executives retiring - Some of the old executives, based on their age and salary, retire.

13:00 UTC
<[main.nextUtcTime(13,0)|date:'mediumTime']> local time

Wednesday - New government orders posted - Government orders are posted at this time, and can be visible in the exchange.

Monday - Government orders awarded - The bids on the current government orders are evaluated and orders are awarded.

15:00 UTC - Friday
<[main.nextUtcTime(15,0)|date:'mediumTime']> local time

Economy phase shift - The economy phase change: boom/depression/no change can happen at this time on Friday.

16:00 UTC
<[main.nextUtcTime(16,0)|date:'mediumTime']> local time

Newspaper publishing - The newspapers are being published at this time every Thursday, so once a week.

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